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The Post-Super Bowl Time Slot Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be – Best IPTV Subscription Provider

The Post-Super Bowl Time Slot Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be – Best IPTV Subscription Provider

While this all makes sense in theory, there’s a secret about the post-Super Bowl time period that networks don’t want you to know: It’s far from a guarantee of success. Whether it’s poor content curation or the curse of high expectations from inflated pilot numbers, tv shows that premiere right after the Super Bowl don’t often go on to get a second season. Don’t believe us? Check out the handy chart below.

date Displays network a result
January 21, 1979 brothers and sisters nbc One season, 12 episodes
January 30, 1983 Team A nbc Five seasons, 98 episodes
January 22, 1984 Airwolf CBS Four seasons, 79 episodes
January 20, 1985 McGruder and loudly ABC One season, 15 episodes
January 26, 1986 The last circle nbc One season and eight episodes
January 25, 1987 hard copy CBS One season, 10 episodes
January 31, 1988 The strange years ABC Six seasons, 115 episodes
January 28, 1990 Major Slams CBS One season and eight episodes
January 27, 1991 Davis rules ABC Two seasons, 29 episodes
January 31, 1993 Homicide: Life on the Street nbc Seven seasons, 122 episodes
January 30, 1994 The good life nbc One season, 13 episodes
January 29, 1995 Maximum ABC One season, 13 episodes
January 31, 1999 Family life loving man Fox 22 seasons, 418 episodes
February 6, 2005 American Dad! Fox 20 seasons, 366 episodes
February 7, 2010 Undercover boss CBS 11 seasons, 136 episodes
February 5, 2017 24: Heritage Fox One season, 12 episodes
February 3, 2019 the best in the world CBS One season, 12 episodes
February 7, 2021 Eq CBS Three seasons, 46 episodes

According to our statistics, 18 new tv shows premiered after the Super Bowl, and of those 18, only nine (or 50%) have reached anything resembling long-term success. In this case, we interpret “success” as just a second season. Even this is a very liberal definition. If we exclude shows that received second seasons but didn’t make any kind of long-term cultural impact (Airwolf, Davis rules, Eq) Then the success rate for the time period following the Super Bowl drops to 33%.

According to some (albeit outdated) studies, this number is consistent with the 20-35% rate that the average network series experiences even without a significant audience buildup for the first episode. Why, then, do networks consistently see the post-Super Bowl slot as a good place for new shows to debut? The answer to this question is that they increasingly do not.

In the 21st century, networks have used the Super Bowl to premiere a new show just five times, most recently in 2021. Eq. Instead, many networks have recently chosen to air “special” episodes of their existing shows to reward existing fans and try to attract new ones. Given all the statistical noise surrounding cable’s viewership numbers and streaming age, it’s hard to say whether this leads to a noticeable increase in ratings. But what is clear is that it leads to some great episodes of television. Just take a look at the impressive list below.

date Displays episode network
January 28, 1996 friends “The post-Super Bowl game.” nbc
January 26, 1997 The X-Files “Leonard Bates” Fox
January 25, 1998 The third rock from the sun “36! 24! 36! Penis!” nbc
January 30, 2000 Practice “new evidence” ABC
February 3, 2002 Malcolm in the middle “Company Picnic” Fox
January 26, 2003 Nick name “The first stage” ABC
February 1, 2004 Survivor: All Stars “They’re back!” CBS
February 5, 2006 Gray’s Anatomy “It’s the end of the world” ABC
February 4, 2007 Criminal Minds “The Big Game” CBS
February 3, 2008 a house “frozen” Fox
February 1, 2009 the desk “Relieve stress” nbc
February 6, 2011 cheerful “Sue Sylvester Shuffler.” Fox
February 3, 2013 primary “deductive” CBS
February 2, 2014 New girl “prince” Fox
February 2, 2014 Brooklyn nine nine “Operation: Broken Feather” Fox
February 1, 2015 Black list Luther Braxton (Part 1) nbc
February 4, 2018 this is us “Super Bowl Sunday” nbc

This is a very nice collection of tv episodes, including Gray’s Anatomy Classic and office The installment featured one of the best cold opens.

This year, CBS will play a risky role by using its post-Super Bowl slot to debut its new show Tracker. Starring Justin Hartley (Kevin Pearson this is us) and based on a book character created by Jeffrey Deaver (who also created Lincoln Rhyme), Tracker It follows survivor Colter Shaw (Hartley) as he uses his tracking skills to travel across the country and solve mysteries.

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