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Here are the Best Alternatives in 2024 – Best IPTV Subscription Provider

Here are the Best Alternatives in 2024 – Best IPTV Subscription Provider

123TV shut down

123TV has officially shut down, and this guide explains what happened while offering the best alternatives.

Many subscribers and visitors to our website have informed us that the “123TV” service is no longer working. This was one of the best free live TV sites, with over 100 live channels and millions of site visitors.

123 TV123 TV

123TV is closing

If you visit the official website (123tv.live) you will notice the following screen – “This site cannot be accessed.” The same screen also appears when visiting the alternate URL (123tvnow.com).

Unable to access 123TV website which is not workingUnable to access 123TV website which is not working

We first heard about this news when a visitor to our site left a comment that read, “Looks like 123TVnow is down to me.” Sure enough, after checking the web browser we found the same thing.

Comment from a visitor to IPTV WireComment from a visitor to IPTV Wire
Comment from a visitor to IPTV Wire

Our team also discovered a Reddit thread where users are sharing a similar experience of streams not loading.

123TV Reddit thread123TV Reddit thread

While some speculate that an anti-piracy organization has taken over the domain, it is unclear what exactly happened behind the scenes. Especially after USTVGO was shut down by ACE, it wouldn’t be a surprise if this site received the same fate.

Scam sites

It is now important to beware of scammers who use the name “123TV” under different domains to scam users.

After doing some quick research, we found some scam sites that you should avoid:

  • 123tv-official.site
  • 123tvnow.com.atlaq.com
  • babaktv.com/123-tv
  • 1-2-3.TV

123TV Details

123TV is one of the most popular live TV streaming sites online to watch sports matches, local channels and other programs for free.

There were more than 100 live channels to choose from in different categories like News, USA, Entertainment, Sports and many more. You can sort by ‘Top Streams’ or use the search function to find specific channels.

Legal Disclaimer: IPTV WIRE does not own or operate any IPTV service or streaming application. We do not host or distribute any applications. We do not check whether IPTV services or app developers hold the appropriate license. The end user is solely responsible for media accessed through any device, application, add-on or service mentioned on our site.

123TV website interface123TV website interface
123TV website interface



This streaming site hosted hundreds of live channels that were all free to stream on any internet-connected device. Some notable channels included ESPN, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, ESPN 2, BBC America, Disney, and AMC.


Best 123TV Alternatives

Below you will find practical alternatives for streaming free live channels. If you want high-quality live TV, reliable playback, better channel offerings, and more, we suggest purchasing an inexpensive IPTV service.

Pluto TVPluto TV

Pluto TV

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Pluto TV is one of the most popular live TV streaming sites and free apps used by millions of cord cutters from all over the world. Some of the notable channels offered by Pluto TV include FOX Sports, CNET, NASA TV, NBC News, Golf Channel, and hundreds of others.

Pluto TV details

Abihad websiteAbihad website


DaddyHD is a newer live TV website that works great. This was brought to our attention by several email subscribers. This website provides more than 100 live channels in a variety of categories like news, sports, entertainment, movies, and more.

Baba HD details



Kodi is one of the most popular streaming apps among cord-cutters using Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, and Android devices. This is due to hundreds of third-party Kodi add-ons and builds that can access free live channels, sports, PPV, and more.

Check out the Kodi tutorials below for more information and how to get started.

How to install Kodi on Firestick

Bad alternative ustvgoBad alternative ustvgo

Bad play

XUMO Play is an all-in-one media platform that streams hundreds of free live channels on any device. There are also thousands of titles for free movies, TV series and documentaries.

XUMO operation details



While Plex Media Server is best known for home media server functions like file storage, this powerhouse has now added live TV capabilities. The platform’s Live TV category offers over 85 live channels that can be streamed completely free.

Plex Live TV details

Was 123TV legal?

IPTV Wire was unable to verify whether the 123TV website was legal during uptime. but,

Remember, it is users’ responsibility to be considerate of the content they access through free live TV apps and websites.

common questions

What is 123TV?

Before its closure, 123TV was a popular live streaming site hosting over a hundred free live channels.

Is 123TV shut down?

Yes, the official 123TV website has been shut down and is not working as of this writing. It is still unclear whether anti-piracy authorities were the reason behind the closure.

What channels does 123TV have?

This site has over 100 live channels highlighted by ESPN, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, ESPN 2, BBC America, Disney, and AMC.

What are the best 123TV alternatives?

Now that 123TV has shut down, the best alternatives include Pluto TV, Kodi, Plex, and XUMO Play.

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