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The Ones Who Live and Braxtons return – The Hollywood Reporter – Best IPTV Subscription Provider

The Ones Who Live and Braxtons return – The Hollywood Reporter – Best IPTV Subscription Provider

The main and future golden duo of Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira headlined AMC Networks’ meeting with the Television Critics Association on Tuesday, where… the walking Dead The cast wrapped up a pitch for new and returning series, which in many ways would have made as much sense in 2014 as it does in 2024.

Lincoln and Gurira were on hand to promote the sixth installment of the Zombies series, The Walking Dead: Those who live. But the increasing number of walking dead The removals aren’t the only indication of how important properties and former players are to AMC’s brands. The media company, a union of cable networks (AMC, WE tv, Sundance, IFC) and specialty streaming companies (AMC+, Acorn tv, Allblk, Shudder), made heavy use of familiar faces and headlines throughout the afternoon — launching New vehicle set for Too bad And Better Call Saul Star Giancarlo Esposito (diocese), announcing a revival of sorts for the WE tv reality show Braxton family values and penchant for intellectual property demonstrated through projects based on the work of Anne Rice (Interview with the Vampire(And Dashiell Hammett)Mr. Speeda sequel of sorts to The Maltese Falcon).

“Some in our industry are trying to offer something for everyone,” Dan McDermott, president of entertainment for AMC Studios, said at the end of the afternoon. “Across our brands, we try to do one thing and do it very well.”

Being home to the pioneering network that helped popularize the idea of ​​prestige television Mad Men, very bad The commercial juggernaut that was the original the walking DeadIt’s fitting that AMC’s past is a big part of the equation. AMC Networks can’t compete with the size of the major broadcast companies, but it can compete with many of the names in its various titles – which include… Orphan lions And Killing Eve. Most of them, although they all have different licensing deals, are all on AMC+. This is one area where McDermott emphasized that old series are now just as important as new ones, noting that the premieres, we think, are over. “The first viewing is when the viewer decides to watch it for the first time,” he said.

Regardless of the evolving tariffs, McDermott and other AMC Networks execs support plenty of viewers who decide to watch Living When the six-part series premieres on AMC and AMC+ on February 25. walking dead Lincoln and Gurira – both of whom departed the original show before its conclusion in 2022 – were originally envisioned as a series of films before returning to television.

Plot points were expected to be off the table, but creator Scott Gimple, who oversees the entire franchise, has spoken about his approach to structuring the diverse series now that the original is dead and gone. “We’re doing these little experiments,” he said of the spin-offs. “It’s a completely different world now, and we’re lucky to have a very loyal audience, and we try to offer them a variety.”

It turns out that such diversity could one day include a Marvel-esque reunion between various shows and characters. “I have dreams of putting this together, and I’ve put in a few breadcrumbs…but you never know when or how,” Gimple said. “I’m building these paths, but there could be all kinds of pivots along the way that change that.”

A member of the crowd asked if… Living Limited indeed – or if there is room for more series featuring Lincoln and Gurira in the future. “Well, I die in the last episode,” said Lincoln, whose fellow panelists were quick to say he was either joking or doing some tough psychoanalysis.

“Anything is possible, even if it’s Rick,” Gimple explained [Lincoln’s character] He dies in the final episode.”

Of course, AMC Networks wasn’t just there to capitalize on this prestigious scripted vein. One of the biggest announcements of the afternoon was confirmation of the return of long-rumored speculation Braxton family values Coming to WE tv. Dubbed BraxtonIt reunites musician siblings Tony, Towanda, Trina and Tamar, plus mother Evelyn, with reality cameras three years after the original series ended — and two years after the loss of Tracy Braxton, who died of esophageal cancer in 2022.

Tamar Braxton publicly “cut ties” with WE tv before the original series officially ended. She has publicly sparred with the network over compensation, and in 2020, announced on social media that she had been “betrayed, overworked and underpaid.”

“It is clear that a lot has happened since this historic event occurred Braxton family valuesMcDermott said, acknowledging the company’s long hiatus from working with women. “We are thrilled to revisit their dynamic and exciting lives with this new series.”

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