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WWE Is Coming To Netflix, And Here’s What That Means For All The Marks Out There – Best IPTV Subscription Provider

WWE Is Coming To Netflix, And Here’s What That Means For All The Marks Out There – Best IPTV Subscription Provider

The WWE and Netflix deal comes with a very hefty price tag, with the streamer paying $5 billion (marked with a “B”) over the next 10 years. Sure, they gave Ryan Murphy over $300 million on a five-year deal only for him to immediately jump up and head to Disney once the contract expired, but that’s five. one billion. dollar. Roman Reigns makes an estimated $5 million a year with WWE, so this is the equivalent of renewing his contract for 1,000 years (and they’ll keep his belt the whole time, I swear to God). As a wrestling fan, this makes perfect sense, since WWE is worth $5 billion considering its built-in global audience and the fact that the company’s live production is already a well-oiled machine. WWE has been offering shows on cable tv for decades, but it also offers PPV shows, on the former WWE Network streaming service, and now with Peacock.

This is a welcome change for wrestling fans because while WWE Network was a really great app, the move to Peacock was less than stellar as the search function isn’t great and live event streaming is disrupted by massive viewership inflation. Netflix can definitely handle the volume. This is also another smart business move from WWE, because despite the endless list of unethical or questionable decisions that have been made over the years, the people responsible are not stupid. They realized early on that the money wasn’t in building your own streaming device and trying to compete with an increasingly crowded landscape, but instead jumping on an already established success story. In the world of streaming, that’s Netflix.

But this deal is certainly worth raising eyebrows from a broadcaster who constantly cancels shows and helped prolong the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes because they don’t want to pay any more leftovers. Got $5 billion for WWE but not ‘GLOW’ Season 3? I see how it is…

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