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The Best Sci-Fi TV Shows and Movies Inspired by Star Trek – Best IPTV Subscription Provider

The Best Sci-Fi TV Shows and Movies Inspired by Star Trek – Best IPTV Subscription Provider


firefly (And the next movie Serenity) is another show that on the surface seems to be intentionally doing something different Star Trek. The film is set in the future, follows the crew of a spaceship, and has a Western-inspired atmosphere. On board the ship were a prostitute and a mercenary, and it seems that the use of Chinese phrases widespread among the English is a reaction against the observed trend of… Star Trek and other series to make the future seem very American (somewhat unfairly, and Uhura’s native language is specifically identified as Swahili in “The Changeling”, although she is warned and told to speak English, which is especially strange since they have We’re all world class translators…but we digress).

But in fact, firefly Very directly inspired by Star Trek, which Gene Roddenberry famously envisioned as a “railcar to the stars.” Its most famous tagline describes space as “the final frontier,” clearly positioning the show as a Western set in space. firefly It takes this basic idea but goes with it in a different direction. Instead of focusing on the exploratory aspect of the westward movement of immigrants to America in the nineteenth century, firefly It captures other elements of the West and Western tropes – especially the chaos in a frontier environment with minimal law enforcement. It is yin to Star TrekThis is it.


WALL-EThe most obvious and immediate inspiration is movies Silent running And 2001: A space journeybut if you look closely, you’ll find that there’s a good amount of Star Trek There is, too. The film, of course, takes place on a spaceship and one of the main characters is the ship’s captain – which is pretty sketchy so far.

But there are deeper connections to Star Trek here. Things worth noting WALL-E It is how good and well-intentioned all future human characters are. The current human character played by Fred Willard, and by extension all the other current humans, is pretty terrible, but all the future humans we meet are good people and are open to new experiences when they are exposed to them. Their sedentary and passive lifestyles are simply what they have learned and grown up with. The simplest and briefest exposure to the world around them, even by accidentally being toppled from their mobile chairs, sets them on a voyage of discovery, and the ship’s captain is thrilled and excited to learn more about Earth and his own ship. Real mission. This position is pure Star Trek – A passion for discovery and exploration, even when it ultimately leads to returning to Earth again.


There was a point, around 2017-2019, when Orville He was famous for being like Star Trek from Star Trek. This is not intended – for us, anyway – as criticism Star Trek: DiscoveryAnd it’s a great show. But in his first two seasons Discovery They deliberately leaned away from each other Star Trek The series that came before, follows a disgraced former rebel rather than a captain or leader, features a morally questionable captain who actually turns out to be a “villain”, focusing on war and trauma, and using arc rather than episodic storytelling. It was very similar to Deep Space Nine In many ways, but for fans of the more optimistic film, Planet of the Week, an episodic storytelling of The original series, next generationor VoyagerIt was a little shock,star trek: projectLikes Discoveryretooled himself somewhat halfway through).

Orvilleon the other hand, basically He is Star Trek In the mold of the nineties Next generation or Voyager. Seven episodes of the series were written by Brannon Braga with his new writing partner, the former scientific advisor to Star TrekAndrei Bormanis. And yes, writers are of course capable of writing different things, but nonetheless Orville I started as Star Trek Parody, pretty much the only difference between the two by season 3 is that the people on Orville Sometimes eat brownies.

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