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Netflix’s Head Of Film Is Leaving, And The Streamer’s Movies May Never Be The Same – Best IPTV Subscription Provider

Netflix’s Head Of Film Is Leaving, And The Streamer’s Movies May Never Be The Same – Best IPTV Subscription Provider

In 2020, 2021, and 2022, Netflix received the most Oscar nominations of any film studio. Will the streamer continue to give value to prestigious projects after Stauber leaves, in a bid to win a best Picture Oscar? (Remember, they suffered a rather embarrassing defeat at the hands of “Coda,” which entered apple tv+ to become the first streaming service to win best Picture even though Netflix had spent hundreds of millions of dollars in failed campaigns leading up to that moment.) If They remain in the prestige game, so will Stober’s replacement be able to fight just as hard for filmmakers’ theatrical releases and attract the same level of talent as their predecessor? Or will Netflix abandon the prestige route altogether?

That would be a huge blow to the industry, since many other streamers and studios (particularly in the wake of last year’s dual strikes, which themselves worsened) are tightening their belts and likely won’t be willing to spend Netflix-level budgets for auteurs. Let’s even put the prestige aspect aside for a moment: Would Netflix be a viable player in the major film industry without Stuber, or would it be content to churned out mediocre, mid-budget, forgettable, algorithm-dictated friend films just to fill space on the release calendar? They’re currently sitting on the sidelines in a bidding war for a Ryan Coogler/Michael B. Jordan vampire movie because the filmmakers are insisting it have a theatrical release.

Relationships are everything in Hollywood. It’s not clear who Stuber’s full-time replacement will be, but that person will inherit one of the most prominent positions in the industry, and the next phase for the streamer could be initiated by the choices he makes. Netflix original movies may never be the same again.

I touched on this in today’s episode of the Film Daily podcast, which you can listen to below:

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