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From ‘White Lotus’ Scene Stealer to ‘One Day’ Lead – The Hollywood Reporter – Best IPTV Subscription Provider

From ‘White Lotus’ Scene Stealer to ‘One Day’ Lead – The Hollywood Reporter – Best IPTV Subscription Provider

When Leo Woodall reflects on the past year of his life, the word that comes to mind is – of course – “busy.” He broke out into a star-making turn in the second season of White lotus (as the mysterious and slightly sinister love interest of Haley Lu Richardson’s character), which has brought her magazine covers, red carpets, and an onslaught of online interest. He then jumped straight into production as the lead on Netflix’s film adaptation one daywhich will debut on February 8.

But, like many rising stars, he has also discovered the double-edged sword of success in the industry. “I’ve been very lucky to work in a group of people, but you end up being completely disconnected from other aspects of your life. I wasn’t really expecting it, and there are things I need to figure out,” says Woodall, 27, adding that He gets better at keeping in touch with friends and family during stressful periods at work. He is doing this zoom from his mother’s house on the eve of his sister’s birthday.

one day — a romantic comedy series that follows friends Dexter (Woodall) and Emma (Ambika Mod) over the course of more than 20 years — was filmed in his native London, but required a long commute across the city and 12-hour days for seven months. “I started to feel like my whole life I wasn’t getting enough sleep and eating cookies for lunch,” he says with a laugh. And here he says THR About how he deals with stormy changes.

How does it feel to have your second lead role as the lead?

I struggled at first one day -I was amazed by the amount of pressure I felt as a leader. I didn’t know if I should act like the captain of a sports team. And I’ve struggled with not having a moment to myself, like you can’t tie your shoelaces or spit out your gum.

What did you do at the end of the day to recharge your batteries?

I had a gin and tonic and went to bed. (He laughs.)

In the show, the two main characters bond by talking about what they want to be when they turn 40 – have you ever thought about that?

Am I allowed to say “rich and famous”? [like Dexter says]? I’m not kidding. I wanted to be an actor, and then that dream kind of faded away. And then I wanted to be a physical education teacher, so who knows, maybe one of those dreams will come back. Maybe I’ll leave all of this and become a physical education teacher.

Woodall and Ambika Mod in a scene from the Netflix romantic comedy series one day.

Teddy Cavendish/Netflix

Do you feel famous?

I feel like some people know me, but no. There was a day when I noticed a paparazzi following me and I thought, “I don’t know how people deal with this on a daily basis.” I want to be as successful as possible as an actor, but I don’t think it would be fun to be categorically famous.

Your life has changed a lot in the past few years, but where do you feel this most?

It’s more of an internal thing. I have become more satisfied with myself. I have more money now, thank God.

Leo Woodall

Photography by Zoe McConnell

This story first appeared in the January 18 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine. Click here to subscribe.

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