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Dark Disciple In A Big Way – Best IPTV Subscription Provider

Dark Disciple In A Big Way – Best IPTV Subscription Provider

Filoni said that while making “The Clone Wars,” he and Lucas never considered Expanded Universe material (novels, comics, video games, etc.) as “canon.” If anything, they are narrative orchards that are picked if they are good and left forgotten if they are not. Filoni’s productions have since discarded both novels (the seventh season of The Clone Wars conflicts with the “Ahsoka” novel) and unproduced “The Clone Wars” scripts (the bounty hunter Cade Bane, who was intended to die there, returns alive in the “Instalment Bad” and “The Mandalorian”).

Now, Brad Rau (supervising director of “The Bad Batch”) has told StarWars.com, “Any new story with Ventress will tie in with the events of Star Wars: Dark Disciple.” It looks like this might be a resurrection. story, not erasing the “Dark Disciple” from the canon. However, it is still undermined intention novel because the team wanted to reuse Ventress.

Now, some fans may be upset by this rude attitude. After Disney acquired Lucasfilm, all previous “Star Wars” media except for the then six films and “The Clone Wars” were converted into “Star Wars Legends”. The argument seems to be that the “new” law will be more consistent.

But honestly, I think “Star Wars” could be more flexible with continuity. Reusing the same characters over and over again makes the setting feel small, as if there is little continuity (“Filoni poetry”) outside of the films. Plus, “Star Wars” is basically one big fantasy story; Consistency matters less than wonder. “Star Wars: Visions” is great because of its creativity, helped by the fact that it doesn’t care to fit its shorts into a “canonical” timeline.

Back later last A familiar figure dead in thought no The kind of fairy tale I’m describing to you, but the return of Ventress isn’t worth getting angry about either.

The first three episodes of Star Wars: The Bad Batch’s final season will premiere on Disney+ on February 21, 2024.

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