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2024 Emmys Change Rules for Guest Star Shortform Acting – The Hollywood Reporter – Best IPTV Subscription Provider

2024 Emmys Change Rules for Guest Star Shortform Acting – The Hollywood Reporter – Best IPTV Subscription Provider

Just over a week after the 2023 Emmys air, the Television Academy is introducing some rule changes for the upcoming 2024 edition.

Among the notable shifts: The Academy is merging the short film actor and actress awards into one category for short film performers, and has also made some clarifications about the eligibility of guest stars.

In the short categories, the Academy notes that there has been a “decrease in the number of applications submitted over recent years.” Actor in a Comedy or Drama Miniseries and Actress in a Miniseries Comedy or Drama are now combined into one category: Outstanding Performance in a Miniseries Comedy or Drama. Another change: The Short Animation category was merged with the Animation Programs category but “two tracks were created, one for short programs (between 2-20 minutes) and one for all other programs (more than 20 minutes).”

Regarding guest performers, the Academy already requires that they appear in fewer than 50 percent of eligible series episodes. But the Academy now also clarifies that “the minimum independent and contiguous screen time (the performer has continuous participation in the scene, on or off camera) for eligibility is 5 percent of the total running time of the submitted episode.” The Academy says this edit is designed to “ensure that the guest actor’s role is important to the episode being presented.”

The Academy also added two Emmy Award-eligible credits: “Line Producer” for shows, specials, documentary/reality series, and hosted reality shows and “Foreman of the Workroom (aka Cutter/Repairer)” for costume design.

Hair and makeup for a variety of factual or reality show categories now only have panels to pre-screen nominations. The entire peer group votes in the final round to determine who will receive an Emmy Award. These were the categories of jurors.

Applications for the 76th annual Emmys, scheduled for September, will open on Thursday, February 29. More information about the rule changes is available here.

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