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Guttenberg Stories in moddle east – Copy

Guttenberg Stories in moddle east – Copy

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  Johannes Gensfleisch zur Laden zum Gutenberg , known as Johannes Gutenberg or simply Gutenberg [ note 1 ] , [ note 2 ] (old works use the Frenchified spelling Gute m berg [ note 3 ] , just as his first name is sometimes Frenchized to Jean [ note 4 ] ), born around 1400 [ 1 ] in Mainz , in the Holy Roman Empire , and died onFebruary 3, 1468in his hometown, is a German printer whose invention of movable metal type in Europe was decisive in the dissemination of texts and knowledge. While his invention is considered a major event of the Renaissance , Gutenberg had a difficult life. Associated with Johann Fust [ note 5 ] and Peter Schoeffer , he loses inthe lawsuit against his creditor Fust who seized the workshop with the equipment and the impressions made. Gutenberg was only saved from poverty thanks to Adolphe II of Nassau who granted him a lifelong pension and the title of gentleman of his court.


The documentation concerning this character is meager: only thirty-six documents remain from before his death, the majority being particularly dry judicial archives and subject to interpretation. This gave rise to numerous fantasized and ambivalent portraits: brilliant inventor; or thief of ideas. Victim stripped of his invention; or usurper who would have exploited a process developed by other inventors before him. Humanist; or a businessman consumed by the lure of gain [ 2 ] .

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